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35th Reunion - November, 1997 (click on above image for 425k enlargement)


More 35th Reunion Photos
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Dick Klass, Tim Gilmartin and Bob Hopkins present a proclamation to Jack and Caroline Jamba

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Jim Mack, Larry Fortner ('59), Tuck McAtee and George Lyddane

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Cadet Jeff Johnston, 21st Squadron (center) presents cookies to "Original" Redtags outside USAFA Chapel; George Larson, Mike Major, Cadet Johnston, Bob Gibson, Gail Peck

35th_3.jpg (13795 bytes)
Kelly Loyacono recalls his feelings about still being a part of the original RTB class

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Carol Coffey, Dick Ramsey, Mike Quinton and Jack Hauser sharing old memories

35th_4.jpg (13465 bytes)
Daryl Wood recalling some past memories

35th_8.jpg (17836 bytes)
Mary and Jim Qualey reminisce with Fred Hendryx

35th_7.jpg (16884 bytes)
Dave Bockelman, Chet Griffin and Al Sigman celebrating the reunion

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Jack Jamba, R.T. "Ming" Mangold and Fred Hendryx emptying beer mugs

35TH_1.JPG (30182 bytes)
Willie Gray and Mike "Rip" Blaisdell

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Don Shepperd - last active Redtag - at the Corona Conference

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The Redtag Class Banner gliding to the 11-6-97 noon meal formation

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Smiling Dan Donovan

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Stan & MaryAnne Patrie with Bob Kuchlewski

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Judy & Mike Quinton with Kent Lammers (center)

RamseyX.jpg (23464 bytes)
Diana Hauser with Dick & Anne Ramsey

RtbsX.jpg (29270 bytes)
Redtags mingling after the Parade

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Grant Lannon and Herb Weatherhead (1960 roomates)

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Grant Lannon and Carl Bolster (1959 roomates)



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