WINTER 1992-1993


Well, here it is New Years 1993. 1992 was a good year. Looking forward to 1993. First some sad news. Got a call from John FLANAGAN on the day after Thanksgiving. CMSgt (Ret) Bill Coltrin's wife had called to say that Bill had died on Thanksgiving Day of a massive heart attack. He was visiting his son at the time. The class will remember him for the help he gave us during the Academy years. At least we had a chance to see him at the 30th Reunion and renew old friendships.

Also got a card from Larry and Penny GOOCH. They're still having fun in Ohio. They really enjoyed the reunion. Got a card from Don and Mary Kay EGAN. They also were at the reunion. Todd has a job with a software development company in Denver. Erin is still in med school in Denver and Becky has just started college. Mary Kay stays busy with volunteer work while Don continues with his real estate development plans. Hope we can get together again soon.

Got a card from Hesh and Bobbi ALTMAN. They are still in an apartment in Sunnyvale while the kids and dogs occupy their house in Las Vegas. They advise that buying pizza and beer for a fraternity house painting party is not a good idea. They're touching up now in case they want to sell. Joel has his marketing degree and was promoted to VIP Hosting at the Tropicana. Jodi will finish one more semester at UNLV and then go to Palmer Chiropractic College in Sunnyvale. Bobbi is working part-time at the Collectibles Outlet in San Jose. Hesh is in Programs Development at Loral and is chasing programs in 10 different countries.

Got a card from Owen and Connie HAWKINS. Enjoyed seeing them again at the reunion. Now for their update. Connie went to Hawaii for her birthday, with Owen, of course. In June, they took a cruise from the coast of France through the North Sea, the Baltic and into Russia. Colin (19) took time off from school to travel around the U.S. and Canada. Cory (18) was awarded MVP offensive water polo player of the league and area first team. Greg (29) is pursuing a career in organic agriculture in Santa Barbara. Kim (26) is in graduate film school. Chris (25) is in Hong Kong finishing an 18-month tour of the South Pacific and the Orient.

Now some news from Charlie and Pat HALE. The two of them and their dog had surgery early in the year. Then their newly-designed flood control area didn't work well and their house flooded. Got a new kitchen out of it. Charlie's parents both died in April and will be missed very much. Pat's parents moved to a retirement home in Little River, SC. Curt and Bridgette are planning a July wedding. Young Charles is still working for McDonnell Douglas as a team leader. They both made it to the reunion where they had a terrific time. They saw Larry and Lois HARMON at the SDU-USAFA game and said they looked well. They also visited with Stan and MaryAnne PATRIE a few weeks ago.

Lastly a letter from Dave and Ann WHITMAN. Both still work for the Sacramento Sierra Medical Group. Julie graduated from USAFA, majoring in biology. She is participating in a physical therapy master's program at Fort Sam Houston. Beth and Kevin are at Wright-Pat. Beth is pursuing a master's in mech engrg while Kevin pursues one in elec engrg. Next December they will be stationed at McClellan AFB, near mom and dad. Dave is still enjoying the Colorado mountains, living in Eagle-Vail and working at the Charter Inn in Beaver Creek. He had a ski accident last year and spent 1992 undergoing surgery or rehab. Well, that's it for now. Keep writing. Really helps me out. Thanks again to everyone who wrote this time. Go Redtags!

Received many Christmas cards and newsletters from you. The letters will make this column easy to put together. From Dave and Fran LEE this note: They had dinner with Bob and Charlotte KUCHEWSKI to celebrate the first anniversary of his kidney transplant. Bob filled them in on the 30th Reunion. They wished they could have been there. Also got one from Charlie and Mary Jo PRICE. They've been in Natchitoches, LA, for a year now. Big event of the year: hole-in-one. Local country club, 5th hole, 90-yard, par 3. After 40 years of golf without an ace, Charlie had to watch Mary Jo show him how it's done. She's only been playing about a year. Imagine how she'll be doing in a few years. They have a new house built like the one in Valdosta. I stayed with them in 1991 and set off the house alarm early in the morning with a squeeky ironing board. Trus Joist McMillan keeps Charlie busy. Their bulldog, Beatrice, is 12 years old now and gets more demanding. Mary Jo has given up selling real estate for golf. Will stop in if I'm ever down that way.

Chuck and Debbie CHEESEMAN sent a card. They also moved into a new house last year, at the Spruce Creek Fly-In. Chuck found a low-time Machen Bonanza A-36 and flew the family to New York in May. He also flew it to the reunion in October. He and I will try to put together a mini-reunion in Florida this summer. I plan to drive up the interstate soon to visit you. Also got a card from Duke GREEN. He was at the reunion and enjoyed it immensely. He was walking very well after the hip replacement operation. His golf game is doing real well. Heard from Roger and Marlene MEYERS. Roger is a captain for TWA, which makes him a part owner of the airline. I gathered that they weren't fans of Carl Icahn. Their five children are doing well. Rog, Jr., has been building flight time with San Diego Flight International, as an instructor. Jeff is now in Eugene, OR, selling medical equipment. He enjoys his river view and the nearby bike trail. Sheila and husband, Kevin, presented the first grandchild to the Meyers: Joseph Kyle Frazier, a 9-lb 2-oz bundle of joy. Yvonne lives in an apartment in San Francisco and works for DVI in Redwood City. Dave has a job with Lanier Worldwide in the Voice Products Div. As for Roger, he sold his boat and misses the lake terribly. Marlene is the president of the TWA Wives Club. They intend to spend the month of February in Puerto Vallarta. Someone has got to do the dirty things in life. They also hope to retire in Florida some day.

Got a card from Al and Alfie JACKSON. They are still in Saudi Arabia. He got the contract renewal and will be staying in Saudi for another three years. The group Al works with seems to be taken over by Zoomies. With the new contract there were three vacancies. One was filled by Ken KRAAK ('79), another by Jim BEAVER ('65). He ran into two other grads who work in the same area: Kris MINEAU ('64) and Bruce LEONARD ('65). If the trend continues, they can set up their own AOG chapter. It seems that many people are seeking employment overseas while the economy slumps. Al mentioned that they visited a new grandson, Casey, in Natchitoches last year. Another grandchild is expected next March. So another trip to Natchitoches is going to happen. While you're there stop in to see Mary Jo Price for tips on how to hit a hole-in-one. (Eat your heart out, Charlie.)

Hal and Nancy KECK sent a newsletter with updates on the family. It seems that Hal spent the first half of 1992 in Singapore helping to set up an air cargo airline. Nancy joined him for a week's vacation. When Hal got back to Goldsboro, Nancy put him to work in the real estate business. Business has been brisk and Hal will be able to go solo now. Daughter Adair and her husband, Bryan, got out of the Air Force and have settled in Goldsboro. Adair is running the relocation dept in her firm while Bryan is a building contractor. Son Tyler had to drop from NC State and came back home to work for Nancy while he studied for his real estate license and ran her rental dept. Julianne graduated from NC State and got a job with the Natl Inst of Environ Health Sciences. Currently she is a first year student at NC State Veterinary Medicine School. Tiffany is still in Tyler, TX, as an accountant. Her husband has gone back to school for his doctorate. Nancy had a busy year. She sold their townhouse while Hal was in Singapore. (Since they're still living together, I presume this was agreeable with Hal.) She moved in with her folks until Hal returned. In the meantime she rewrote portions of a national real estate text as well as a real estate text for North Carolina. And they managed to come out to USAFA for the 30th Reunion. They are now renting a four-bedroom house and selling real estate like mad.

Got a card from Ted and Marcy DYKES. Marcy participated in a press conference with national press and TV at the National Press Club in Washington beside Jack Anderson. This was a new experience for her. She turned 50 in March and celebrated in Cancun, Mexico. How do I know that? Ted told me. Marcy also got a chance to visit Seoul, Korea for five days in October. An eye-opening experience. In November, two local groups hosted a country-wide "Roast" for Ted and Marcy at the Ft. Myer Officer's Club. President Bush was represented by a member of his staff to recognize their efforts. It was actually a Ted and Marcy Appreciation Day. Not bad for two tax revolters. Tammy and Montana are still stationed in Nevada. Chris and Sandy have spent most of their spare time building the lower level of the townhouse. Chris is still designing medical equipment. All for now. -Jack-