WINTER 93-94

Hi Redtags!

What a bonanza. Cards and letters from heaven. First a short note from Fred and Arlene HENDRYX. "Just received Checkpoints and thought I had better write. Things are in a dramatic state of change. Under Proctor & Gamble's Strengthening Global Effectiveness both Arlene and I have been offered packages. She will terminate Dec 31 and I will retire on Jan 4, 1994. We have some project work here which will keep us close to home for a few months. After that we are planning an extended trip to Florida, another to Colorado and also Wyoming. These are to help us pick a retirement place or two. 1 will write a long letter in January. Best wishes to you and family for a blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year." Thanks Fred. Looking forward to your letter and visit.

Next letter came from Charlie and Mary Jo PRICE. "The company Charlie works for is doing fine, riding the crest of the home construction boom...Mary Jo is retired from the realty business, undefeated champion. She keeps herself very busy with friends, family and golf, golf,golf...Golf is a big part of our leisure time. If you ever get close to Valdosta, please come visit, or at least give us a call. Bring your clubs. We always enjoy swapping stories with friends." Thanks good friends for the update. Hope we can see you soon.

Next a letter from Pat and Charlie HALE."...Pat and I made a week's trip to Tahoe for skiing in early March. Weather was great and the conditions were terrific. Then a short trip to Phoenix in May on credit union business (l'm on the board of directors of the March Federal CU). Would you believe that we saw 100 degree temperatures? Despite Phoenix's beauty, this factor has caused it to be crossed off our list of candidates for retirement...ln September Pat and 1 celebrated 30 years of marriage. It is difficult to believe that we have been together so many years; it has gone by so quickly...Charles Richard continues to live in Long Beach working for McDonnell Douglas. In July, Curtis Hale and Bridgitte Rose Johnson were united in marriage. They reside in San Bernardino (about 20 miles away). Curt has recertified as an emergency medical technician and is attempting to pursue a paramedic degree. As for me, I continue to work for CAE-Link Training as a KC-10 instructor pilot. Stan, Mary Ann and Andrea PATRIE came through here today (14 Dec) on way to Mammoth MT to visit Greg {son) and his new bride. They all look great. Hope Santa is good to all." Thanks for the news. Always good to hear from you.

Got a letter and pix from Ted and Marcy DYKES. "Montana and Tammy were East with the boys for a wedding. They were here only a couple days, but it was a delight to be able to spoil the grandchildren. At top are Marcy Dykes with Joseph and Ted Dykes with Louis. At bottom from left are Chris and Sandy, grandma, Tammy and Montana. such a short period of time...Chris and Sandy continue working on their home. Our life continues to center around civic activism and politics. This summer Marcy took the county to Circuit Court for purchasing two office buildings for which they paid three times the assessed value. This fall, Marcy began another organization that is state wide, United Virginians for Initiative and Referendum. For those of you out West who have your right to I & R, cherish it; we have a real war going on here.

Marcy is also serving on the board as publicity chairman for the National Referendum Movement based in Memphis, TN. Ted and Marcy were there in November...The bulk of our time, however, has been in state politics getting our new governor, George Allen, elected. Being key players during the campaign, the Inaugural in Richmond in January will be so sweet. George has promised us a night's stay at the governor's mansion after he is sworn in. We also got our man in for state attorney general. After all our court battles, life should be a little easier now. It all goes to show, if you can't beat them, bounce them out. We did! Democracy at work."

Got a newsletter from Dave and Fran LEE. "Last January Dave was on a research sabbatical from the Univ of Dayton. In March we traveled to Europe to conduct part of his research -- interviews with international managers. I topped off this fall with another trip to Florida while Dave traveled to Indiana for a successful deer hunt -- a 10-point buck...Kelly directed the high school musical last spring, was advisor for the newspaper, the Computer Club and worked with Odyssey of the Mind...Dean graduated from Sinclair with his associate degree and has continued on at UD for another degree. We were delighted when David

married Lisa this past spring. David's job with Environmental Consultants took them to Washington, PA, and in November to Merced, CA, where they have put down roots....Our family not only expanded with our new daughter-in-law, but we also welcomed a granddaughter to our family. Sierra is seven years old and quite an addition to our lives. John is in his senior year at UD and plans to graduate in 1994. Have a wonderful holiday and a year filled with happiness." Thanks for the news. Looks like it was a very busy year.

Got a letter from Connie and Owen HAWKINS. "This has been a busy but wonderful year...In Feb, Owen surprised me and took us on the Mississippi Queen River Boat Cruise to celebrate my slipping over the half century mark. The best part of the surprise was that he had arranged to have Greg (my brother) and his wife and Julie (my sister) and her son Mike meet us on the cruise. In June, Cory graduated from high school and is attending UC Davis -- that leaves us as officially empty-nesters. To avoid feeling left alone we have given one of our bedrooms to an intern from the Presbyterian church for a year and we bought a horse to give me something to mother. In August Owen sold his software company and he now devotes his time to running a BBS. He has a lot of fun with it. In Sept Cory went off to Davis and Colin left to study at the U of Germany in Bonn where he will be until next August.

In Nov, Owen and I went to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bali. It was a great trip -- especially visiting our friends in Singapore. We returned from our trip just in time for Christopher's wedding. He married a wonderful girl named Tia from New Zealand. This Christmas Chris and Tia will be down from Seattle where they live. Greg will be here from Santa Cruz where he is one of the teachers in the Agro Ecology program. Kim will come from her houseboat in Sausalito. She is taking a few classes and free lancing in the film industry. And Cory will be home from college. Only Colin will be missing." Thanks for the family update.

And the last newsletter came from Chuck and Debbie CHEESEMAN. "Most of 1993 has been centered around preparation and anticipation of our second little one. The October 28 arrival of Charles III began a new phase in our family, Mother and son have been healthy and in good spirits from the outset,...Emily (3 1/2) continues to grow in many ways and is now attending pre-school with much enthusiasm. Chuck continues to find the Machen-Bonanza trouble-free and a delight to fly. We traveled as a family in it in July to visit friends at their home in North Carolina. Chuck's only weakness is continuing to equip the plane with every gadget known to man. The latest being a moving map display that surpasses anything the F-117 had in Desert Storm. Our home continues to see the addition of final finishing touches, a process we're now convinced is essentially infinite in length. New taxiway homes continue to replace the palmetto and pines here. As for USAFA Redtag classmates we see Ralph and Pat CON-

LAN regularly (Chuck can see their home on climbout from runway 23, so it isn't hard to get together) and Hal and Nikki RHODES visited us for a long weekend in the summer...Hoping to get together early in '94. We'll be in touch." Thanks folks. Looking forward to a visit.

Mini-reunion attendees in Colorado Springs include Nancy Gilmartin, Jon Staples, John Flanagan, Carol Staples, Tim Gilmartin, Dick Klass and interested friends.

Got a call from Steve METTLER a couple of months ago. His son got married in Jacksonville at the end of Sep. Steve is still working for AT&T and his wife, Kathryn, is still a doctor in Atlanta where they l~ve. Got some change-of-address cards: Jim EATON has moved to Wilmington, NC, Paul LANDERS has left Nashville for Grand Rapids, MI. Dick KLASS has changed street addresses in Arlington, VA. He sent me a pix of a mini-reunion in Colorado Springs after the Army game. Also got a street change in Arlington from Nick FRITZ. And George HARRISON has been reassigned to Eglin AFB.

That's it for now. I appreciate the Christmas newsletters. It's the time of year when I have more than I can use. I wish all of you a great year. Go Redtags!