Winter 94-95

Hi Redtags!

My column is due tomorrow. The Checkpoints hasn't arrived yet. However, it is the Christmas season and I have received some very nice and newsy newsletters. First, I received a letter from Bob DEBERRY in early November. Bob is living in Las Vegas and works for EG&G Energy Measurements, in the Facilities division. Bob sent me one of his business cards. It has seven sets of initials after his name. When he was an EG&G rep on the DOE's GOSIP committee, everybody had business cards with all sorts of acronyms and abbreviations on them-SOOO-he made one up that had more abbreviations and stuff on it than anybody's. Besides things like USAFA-BS/Eng and AFIT, which we all know, he had SSD (Severe Synapse Dysfunction) and Sks (Special kind of Stupid). That was a funny card, Bob. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a Happy Holiday Season.

Got a newsletter and card from Charlie and Pat HALE. They mentioned awakening last January to the Northridge, CA, earthquake, visiting the area, seeing speedy repair to the freeways and bridges and receiving continuing aftershocks. In May they spent a weekend in San Francisco with son Curt and Bridgitte. Charlie went to the first Arc LightYoung Tiger reunion in Dallas in June. In August they went to a family reunion in South Carolina with time to visit Mary Ann PATRIE in Charlotte; sadly Stan was away on a trip. In October they attended the USAFA-San Diego State game. A picture from the game is shown with this article. Bob and Patricia CONNOLLY are still in Riverside where Bob is enjoying the relaxed life of improving his golf handicap. Ed SPICER works for the city of San Diego as assistant deputy director of the Balboa Parks/Mission Bay Park Special Projects. And Mike QUINTON has launched a private law practice in San Diego, which in fact was reported first in this column where I scooped the entire national news and wire services. Awesome dude! That's it from Charlie and Pat. Thanks for the update.

Got a letter from Alex HARWICK. He spent five years in Germany and moved to Italy. He worked for USPA&IRA for 10 years but switched to NCOA. He has been given Italy to develop for NCOA and to use it as a test base for the concept of offering integrated financial programs to NCOA members. He likes life in Italy where the people are happy and they laugh and enjoy their days. Tad, the eldest son, is enjoying Army life in Fort Bragg and Jim is a broker with AG Edwards in Montgomery. Alex has traveled to 12 different countries around the world recently. After the wanderlust abates, he figures he will settle in New Zealand where he owns a second home. He likes their lifestyle, ambiance, value system, adventure and setting for long-term happiness. He's looking forward to the 35th reunion. Thanks for the letter. Keep in touch.

Got a card and newsletter from Hesh and Bobbi ALTMAN. Hesh has a new job with EG&G as the director of Business Development for their MSI Albuquerque Operations. They resettled their daughter with half their California stuff into an apartment in Sunnyvale. After selling their house in Las Vegas, they moved their son into an apartment with half their Las Vegas stuff. Then they built a new home in Albuquerque and a second one in Las Vegas. No word where all their stuff is. Hesh ran into George HARRISON at Kirtland and Don HUTCHINSON at a water resources conference. Howie CARROLL came by - he's on a cross-country odyssey around the U.S.A. in a mobile home. Hesh finally had a couple of drinks with Larry GOOCH in November. That's it from Hesh and Bobbi. Thanks for the news.

I got a missive from Yvonne and J.D. EATON. They're in Wilmington, NC. It's going to be their retirement location. J.D. is not retired yet; he IS working. They got tired of snow and no spring in Monument. They love the beach so there they are. "Wilmington has been a pleasant surprise for us and we just love it and hope to never leave." There you have it... a testimonial from the Eatons, carried for the first time in this column. Stay tuned for more news as it breaks. Seriously, J.D. and Yvonne, thanks for the card; keep writing.

Got a card and newsletter from Owen and Connie HAWKINS. They enclosed a family picture. They did a lot of traveling; Yosemite, Florence and seeing a total eclipse. Owen keeps fine tuning his computers and running his bulletin board. For those of you with access to the Internet, his email address is To catch up on all the kids: Greg is working in Santa Fe, NM, in marketing. Kim is back in school finishing a master's in film in San Francisco. Chris and Tia are in Seattle working hard and planning for the future. Colin is back from a year in Germany and is now at the U. of Washington getting a degree in German and math/statistics. Cory is a sophomore at UC Davis majoring in nutrition and still playing guitar. They plan to spend the holidays with family and friends in Disney World in Florida. Watch out for that Splash Mountain, Owen. Thanks for the news and picture. Hope to see you soon.

Got a newsletter and card from Mary Jo and Charlie PRICE. In April, they traveled to the United Kingdom for Mary Jo's niece's wedding. First time back in Europe in six years. Of course they had to play a round of golf at the home of golf, the Old Course in St Andrews, Scotland. They considered it close to a religious experience, playing with a couple of classic caddies and knowing that golf was played there before Columbus was born. They continued around England visiting relatives and playing golf. Then Mary Jo miraculously drove unerringly to the Royal Worcester factory just as they were opening for business without very many clues except the name of nearby towns. So in celebration, she spent gobs of money. Charlie, don't believe it. She called lots of friends in the U.S. and had a very detailed map in her mind. She knew exactly where it was and what time it opened. And once again this column has scooped the nation on one form of deceptive shopping practices. Just kidding Mary Jo; couldn't resist the urge. Later in the year, they spent the Labor Day weekend with Charlie's three brothers and families in Maryland and Delaware. Mary Jo's family lives there in Valdosta so she sees them every day and all is well with them. They were visited by Duke GREEN and Paul LANDERS in the summer. They want to stay in Valdosta for awhile. Thanks for the update. Hope we can drive by Valdosta some day soon.

Got a newsletter from Dave and Fran LEE. They made trips to New York, Florida, Illinois and Washington, DC. In August they became grandparents: Kelly and Dean were the parents. Kelly is a language arts teacher at a Jr. High while Dean now works for Mead Data Central. David II returned from California last spring and is now the regional coordinator for Environmental Consultants in Maryland. John graduated from the U. of Dayton in Finance and works in Chicago with Savings of America. While dad, Dave, was visiting they took in the Indianapolis 500. Meanwhile, Dave has started a flying school and will be getting his private license soon. Don't worry, I've notified the FAA and they are on full alert. Fran completed her 15th year at H&R Block and was recognized for that by Henry Block. Thanks for the news.

Got a newsletter from Dave and Ann WHITMAN. Sadly, Ann's dad passed away during the year. Young Dave is still in Vail working at the Charter and now has his broker's license. Beth and Kevin graduated from AFIT and are now stationed at McClellan where they have built a new house. Julie graduated from her master's program in physical therapy and is stationed at Travis and living in Davis. Nice having kids nearby. Thanks for the news.

Also got a card from Fred and Arlene HENDRYX. After their extended vacation in Jackson Hole, they headed to Dinosaur National Monument and then Estes Park. Then back to Cincinnati for a rest before going to the Cayman Islands. After some snorkeling, swimming and shopping, they almost were forced to stay a few extra days because of Hurricane Gordon. Looking forward to your return to Melbourne. Thanks for the update. Have a great year, everyone.