FALL  1995

Hi Redtags!

It is September and the weather is still warm here in Florida. But next week I get to enjoy a respite from it all. I have a TDY in Colorado Springs. I never would have imagined that I would get a TDY to C-Springs. Plan to visit my stepdaughter and son-in-law and grandkids. Also plan to visit with the local Redtags. Should be a full trip.

Got a letter from Logan BABIN. "On June 10, 1995, Brian CONNERAT's son Reid was married in New Orleans, LA. Anne and 1, along with our daughter were in attendance at the wedding and the weekend of parties, which is the main reason for living in Louisiana. Fran and Brian are Kara's godparents and we have been trying to get Brian III and Kara interested in each other since birth. We were neighbors at Warner Robins, GA, in 1967. The picture of the formal group was taken at the wedding. I also enclose a picture of Anne's new Lincoln Town Car with its most appropriate license plate. I wonder if it will get me through the gate at our next reunion?

Other good news of the Babin family. Kara is an architect with the Tuck-Hinton firm in Nashville, and my son, Logan III (Hank), is getting a master's degree in business and marketing at Baylor University. He gets his degree in December but will stay an extra semester since he has an intern position with the Baylor Athletic Department. It pays his tuition and he markets the girls basketball program. I will be installed as president of the American Society of Real Estate Counselors (CRE) in Atlanta during our national convention in November. The one-thousand member organization is composed of real estate counselors world wide and is an Institute Affiliate of the National Association of Realtors.  "Anne has opened a doll house and miniature shop (Anne's Attic) on the second floor of my real estate office in Houma. As with any small store she has struggled for a couple of years but loves the business. When she starts making enough money to support us, I plan to retire and devote my life to golf, fishing and duck hunting. Hope to see you at the next reunion." Thanks for the info, Logan. Appreciate the pictures.

I got another newsletter from the Concerned Citizens League of Reno, NV. Sam DEHNE wrote another article about the problems that the local Air National Guard unit causes and will continue to cause in the local area. He defends his side of the controversy very well. Thanks for the update, Sam.

Got a call from George THOMPSON recently. He considers himself a bionic man. He had his second hip replacement this past summer and he is doing well. While he was in Pskov, Russia, last year, he was visited by Warren ROBBINS and either Warren's son or George's son and the son's wife. My notes are not too clear and I waited too long to transcribe them. George also had a visit from one of his former colleagues at his old university. George says the students are the same the world over. He enjoys them. And he has made some good friends in the school. The pay is not red hot but the psychological payoff is good. He shaved his beard this summer but may regrow it this year.

The Russians are open and friendly and have a touch or flavor of the Oriental. The family is central and important to them. He took the train from Pskov to Estonia and Latvia then to Berlin and Vienna. When he flies back he will retrace his path by train. The exchange rate is 5,000 rubles to the dollar. He said that Alice plans to rejoin him later this year. He lives in a flat that is about 300 square feet. And he feels pretty lucky to have gotten that. Crime is not a problem. But he did get mugged in St Petersburg last year. He got bopped on the head coming home from the opera. He lost his money and passport and spent four days in the hospital. He said the blow shut his eyes for a day and then gave him black eyes for a while.  He has access to a fax and e-mail. So he expects to have a good year again. Good luck George. Please write sometime this year.

I got a call from Mary Ann PATRIE early in the summer saying that John CARROLL's widow, Beverly, was in the terminal stage of pancreatic cancer and was staying with her daughter, Julie. Then I received another phone call in late summer that she had passed away. Mary Ann told me that Beverly never remarried. She went back to school and became a lawyer in or near Orange County, CA. I also received a notification call from one of John's fellow Ravens telling me about Beverly's passing away. She had attended their reunion a couple of years ago. Our deepest sympathies and condolences go to their surviving son and daughter.

Got a letter from Don SHEPPERD just before I started preparing this column. Here's what he said, "Rose and I just had a great two weeks scuba diving in the Cayman Islands with Rudy and Betty BOW. Here's a picture; Rose and Betty are the ones with muscles and hair. Our kids both fly C- I 30s. Our son Ty is in Special Ops (AC- 1 30) at Hurlburt. Chris Bow is on his way to Pope. Both Rudy and I are looking forward to retirement as soon as soon as Rose and Betty find good jobs." I liked the pictures. Thanks for the news.

Now for some changes of address: Dave LEE has moved from Dayton to Spring Valley, OH. Dick KLASS has changed street addresses in Washington, DC. And Peter ROBINSON has left Maxwell for Albuquerque. Would appreciate a note from all three of you telling me what you're doing now.

I guess that's it for now. Keep the pictures and letters coming. You should receive this issue of Checkpoints by Christmas. If you send a newsletter out for Christmas, please send me one so that I can fill up the column. I plan to be on vacation at Christmas time in Colorado Springs. Please send me any info before Christmas. Cheers. Go Redtags!