Hi Redtags! It's another nice warm day in Florida and the shuttle will launch in two days - weather permitting. Got a postcard from Randy and Lieu SCHAMBERGER to wit: "Hey, I like this cruising thing. We’re on a seven-day Alaska tour this week. Fantastic scenery, great food and it's the 'Love Boat.' In Colorado, Lieu said if You've seen one mountain you've seen them all. Not so here. Saw our first live whale at sea yesterday. Awesome. See you next year. The reunion will be our cruise for '97." Thanks, Randy. Have a good year and see you next year.

There was a commander's conference at Patrick last month and guess who came? That's right. You all guessed correctly. Butch VICCELLIO and George HARRISON. Talked to each of them by phone for a few minutes. Butch said that he will probably retire in 10 months. I think that's his mandatory retirement date. He and his wife are talking about moving to the Seattle area. There are plenty of in-laws there'! which will make the transition easier. Of course, the lure of a good, high-Paying, challenging job has been known to put a different slant on many retirement plans. Their daughter is a 2Lt at Peterson Field, working in the environmental profession. It looks like Butch will have to oversee some more downsizing in his command before he retires. The budget cuts deep. Thanks for the news, Butch. Please keep me posted on your moves.

George said that he is enjoying his job at Albuquerque. He keeps in touch with some of the grads in the local area like Hesh ALTMAN. He said that Don SHEPPERD is doing great in Washington with the ANG. I may be passing through Albuquerque in a couple of months on vacation, so I'll try to look George up. Maybe we can get a mini-reunion going. I think George may plan to retire n"t summer.

Got a nice letter from Sam DEHNE's dad. In answer to my comment by the name of Sam. Dr. Dehne said Sam from some kidding about trying do you say to that? And while you that I got a flyer telling about Sam running for Reno City Council. I also got several issues of Sam's The Reno Citizen. He sure gives politicians who waste taxpayers' money a lot of deserved grief. Sam also suggested that it's about time for someone to write an "interesting article in Checkpoints. " How about it. Anyone have some irritating or aggravating issues that they feel could be aired in this column. Write to me.

A couple of years ago, Gail PECK suggested that we develop a pyramid alert system for the class so that we could quickly pass along urgent news by telephone pyramid alert. We didn't get much response on that. But I think that with the information explosion on the Internet, we could do a creditable job of developing an Internet pyramid alert system. I also think that more of you would drop me news items on the Internet. So I am on America On Line and my e-mail address is in the header. Please start using the Web to communicate with me. I can start gathering the e-mail addresses for now and work with Gail or anyone else to develop a world wide net for the Redtags. Who knows, we may even have our own home page soon. Any volunteers? Owen HAWKINS, you have some special knowledge in that arena. Any suggestions? So there you have it; I have opened the subject of Internet communications and a pyramid alert system (again).

Got an e-mail from John FLANAGAN: "Over the last year I have been the guest speaker at 1st Squadron's dining-in (my doolie squadron) and the Class of 199 Recognition dining-in. During my visits, I have had the sons of Pete BOBKO, John FER, and Jim MACK, respectively, come up to me and ask 'Do you know my father?' Proudly, I said 'yes' because, like my stepson, they have chosen to follow in their father's footsteps. There can be no greater reward to a father or compliment to our class and to the Academy." Thanks John. See, e-mail worksl

I don't have any other mail to write about. I'll probably call a few of you in the next two days to help fill in this column. I called some classmates but got no answers and I'm out of time. Should I call some more and be late with this column or should I call it quits for now. As Yogi Berra once said, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." So I'm taking the fork in the road and stopping now. I hope this short column spurs some of you to take pen, pencil or mouse in hand and communicate with me before the next edition. Remember that when you receive an issue of Checkpoints,in the mail, I usually have about two weeks to send in my next column. If you have an item to send to me, send it in the next few days. Looking forward to seeing you at the 35th reunion next year. Cheers. Go Redtags!