FALL 1996

Hi Redtags!
Well my last column generated some good responses from classmates concerning the Internet. I got a quick message from Sam DEHNE. He immediately started working on an outline for a Home Page. Unfortunately, I went on an II -day vacation and wasn't receiving his e-mail. Hooked up with him this past week and viewed his Home Page. Looks great. Try it at http://www.renocitizen.com.class62. Don't put a dot after 62; that was for the end of the sentence. As Sam says, we can use it any way we want to spread info.

Simultaneously I got a message from Owen HAWKINS. Owen found out that the domain name "Redtags" was not reserved. So he will request it for us. It will probably be called redtags.org. But we will know for sure in about four weeks. Once we have the name, we can assign more names to it in some way that I don't yet understand but Owen does. Anyway, Owen is on a two-three week vacation to the Peoples Republic of China. I'll be able to pursue that avenue after he returns.

Got a follow-on e-mail from Sam, to wit:"...l just wanted to show you what some of the possibilities are. It does involve work-receiving and then either re-typing, transferring, or maybe scanning information onto the rough draft and then putting it on the Internet in a timely manner. At this point I have not established an FTP-capable site. FTP allows you to create stuff on your computer and send it 'by magic' to your WWW server-without having to leave your home. The way I did what you see so far is to create it in HTML, store it on a floppy, and then take the floppy to my server. The FTP costs a little more and takes more advanced software (and hardware) and a specific dedicated server (in my case Accutek) ... as opposed to, say, AOL ... As far as what the site can do; the opportunities are unlimited. Right now, I think it would be best to just get guys to forward their bios. Waiting to hear more." Thanks Sam for your hard work. The rest of you can send any info you want to display in our Home Page to Sam. His e-mail is renocit@accutek.com(Sam Dehne). Or mail to 297 Smithridge, Reno, NV 89502.

Got an e-mail from Jerry SMITH. "Re pyramid alert, have you seen http://www.usafa.com? We are invited to use USAFA's Home Page for news. We might also see if we can put RTB e-mail directory in their system similar to the one available now for Academy personnel (take a look at that). If we can set up an RTB e-mail directory, it would be a simple matter to send all wired classmates a simultaneous e-mail when important news breaks. Be happy to help, Jack." Another suggestion to consider. Thanks for the info Jerry. I'll keep you posted.

Got a short e-mail from TK MOORE giving me his e-mail address: Tomkmoore@aol.com. Thanks Tom. Also got an e-mail from Pete ROBINSON whose e-mail is: PDRobin@aol.com. He promised to send something every once in a while. Thanks Pete.

Also got an e-mail from Dave LYON. "Looks like the time is right for a Redtag communication system-must be, since I'm here typing you e-mail! I finally decided that flying was not the career for me (after 33 years)-couldn't seem to stay with one airline long enough to build a retirement! Airlines of note include: Western, Continental, Braniff II, McClain, Pride Air and most recently American International Airways (formerly Connie Kalitta Services). Since retirement isn't visible in my future yet, I decided to get into a career in which I could determine when and how much-Real Estate Sales and Investment. Real estate is not new to me having been a licensed broker or salesman on and off since 1970. 1 have affiliated with Frontier Realty Services in Boise, ID-a medium sized company with 25 agents (new homes, resale’s and commercial). My wife, Jackie, is with Frontier as an agent too. Best success in establishing the Redtag Net." Thanks Dave. Dave's personal e-mail is djalyon@aol.com.

Got an e-mail from Otis DINNING. "Just read your article in Checkpoints and thought I'd drop you a line. I'm now working full time with my wife, Ann, in her Mary Kay business. She supported me for 30 years of flying career, so it's only fair. I spend a lot of time at the computer, tracking sales, recruits activities, mailouts, etc. We do quite a bit of traveling and in fact will be in Orlando for a conference Jan 16-18. Since I have a cousin who lives in Mims, FL, we'll probably spend some time in your vicinity. Hope we can get together. Don't know if you remember but Jim and Yvonne EATON live in Wilmington, NC and have now gone through two hurricanes, Edouard and Fran. Just called them but no one at home. Left message on answering machine, hope they are okay. Take care and send me some e-mail on how things are... A Fellow RTB." Otis' e-mail address is: dooj@aol.com. Thanks for the update Otis. Will keep in touch with you.

Got an e-mail from Hesh ALTMAN. "You're right, e-mail is the way to go. I'm all for a class alerting system, pyramid, e-mail or some combination. Sorry, not computer literate enough to help with a home page. Last time I checked the following RTBs were in Albuquerque: George HARRISON you already knew about. Pete ROBINSON who I usually see at the monthly breakfasts our local AOG group holds. He's doing some consulting. Don HUTCHINSON I run into at local water meetings. He's out raping and pillaging water rights for Intel. Norm RODERICK and John BROTHERS I spoke to on the phone when I first got here, but we haven't gotten together. Hope you make it to Albuquerque. Mini-reunion sounds like a good idea. I'll fill you in on family details in our usual holiday blurb. In brief, son Joel is getting married May 97 and daughter Jodi becomes doctor Jodi, DC on Dec. 13, 1996. See Ya." Thanks for the news Hesh. I did get to Albuquerque a few weeks ago, but held off calling you in advance because the night I left Satellite Beach to spend the night in Orlando, I wasn't sure I was going on vacation or evacuating in advance of Hurricane Fran. By the time Fran made a move north and missed us it was too late to call and set up anything. After we got to Albuquerque on Thursday, Caroline and I drove to Roswell to visit her brother. We left there late Sunday afternoon and got to Albuquerque late in the evening. Had dinner at Cervantes at George's suggestion. Stopped by to see him at 7 a.m. next day on way to airport to fly to Tucson. Wish I could have had time to call some of you. Went from Tucson to San Diego but did not have time in either place to call or visit anyone. Maybe next time.

Got a telecom from Ron TAYLOR in early July asking about the dates for '97 reunion. Got another call about the same thing in August so I called Tim GILMARTIN who told me they had just finished firming up dates and location that week. So he mailed out the info that you all received recently. Back to Ron. After Bobbie and he retired, they moved to South Carolina, a place called McCormick on Lake Strom Thurmond. It's out in the boonies. A planned community. No MacDonalds in the area. Pay phones cost 10 cents for a local call. They took golfing lessons and are getting better at it. Their daughter is in the Army and stationed at Okmulgee, OK. Their e-mail address is bobbietaylor@msn.com. Thanks for the news Ron.

The letter from Tim contained some other info. He said that Dick/Liz KLASS are in the process of moving from Washington, DC to Wichita, KS. If anyone has any questions or comments on the reunion they can probably reach Tim easier, but he's out of town a lot also. Tim's letter to us all had his e-mail and snail mail addresses and phone number.

Got a snail mail from Fred and Arlene HENDRYX. Fred's mom still lives across the river in Melbourne so they were worried when all those hurricanes were visiting this area this summer. They went to Gatlinburg with one of their sons and family this summer for a few days. Good time with grandkids. Son Mike moved back to Cincinnati and switched jobs with a promotion. Wife, Juanita, passed state nursing boards and is starting intensive care nurse training. They built a new house and Fred helped them move twice. Mark got his MBA and is busy with ITT. Susan is collecting loans from deadbeat doctors and lawyers. They are still planning on attending the reunion. They called last month and said that they may make a trip here some time in Sep. Be good to see you two again. Some new restaurants to try.

I'll sign off with a reminder about the reunion. Should be another great time at the Antlers Doubletree Hotel on the site of the old Antlers Hotel. Brings back many good memories thinking about the Cadet Club and other fun places. Block out Nov 5-9, 1997, for another attempt to rekindle our lost youth. Bet no one can stay up past midnight without having someone throwing water in your face to keep you awake. By then I should have lost 100 lbs. Hooray. Of course I'll have gained 95 lbs. back. Such is life. Thanks again for the response on the Redtag Net. Keep the dialogue open so that we can come up with a system that will work well for us. Check my e-mail address in the header. Go Redtags!