FALL  1997

Hi Redtags. Only six weeks until reunion time. Looking forward to another fun time with you guys and your mates. The e-mail system is still clicking. Getting lots of updates by that method. If you want to be on the e-mail net">

FALL  1997

Hi Redtags. Only six weeks until reunion time. Looking forward to another fun time with you guys and your mates. The e-mail system is still clicking. Getting lots of updates by that method. If you want to be on the e-mail net, send me your e-mail address and I’ll add it to the list.

Got an e-mail from Jerry CORNETET, to wit. He hadn’t written in 35 years. He gave me a "No excuse, sir." His family had enjoyed keeping up with the exploits of such old 2nd Squadron-mates as HARRISON and SHEPPERD. He left USAF in 1972 and joined CTS Corp, a maker of electronic components. Presently responsible for all their Ford Motor Co business. They enjoy living in a wooded lake area north of Ann Arbor, MI. Val works part time as an x-ray technician and does water coloring . Jerry is active in the music program at church. They were sorry to hear about Morris SMITH’S death as they had many great times together in the Cadet Chorale.

Daughter, Adrienne, is teaching school in Colorado Springs and Val’s family is there also. They go back to the Springs often. Son, Steve, is with GE in Seattle and son, David, is with McGaw Medical in Irvine, CA. They won’t be able to make the reunion but pass along a ‘Hi!’ to everyone. Thanks for the news, Jerry. Please don’t wait another 35 years to drop a line. We all like to hear how the other classmates are doing.

Got an e-mail from Bob HOPKINS assuring me that the reunion plans are going well. And for some reason or other he wanted USAFA to win the football game that night. Great hearing from you. I’ll keep in better touch from now on.

E-mail from George HARRISON. He gave me his new address and phone numbers in Atlanta. The new job at Georgia Tech is going well. He’s also doing some flight instructing on the weekends at the Tech flying club. He says’ "You should have told me how good it is out here in the civilian world - I might have done it sooner." Thanks George. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

From Dave HOLT: He’s still teaching algebra and geometry in high school and expects to do so for ten more years. Having moved through six high schools, he finally found one with good management. Linda is an assistant principal at a nearby high school. The kids are in the 3rd, 5th and 7th grades so they will not make the reunion. (Hey, Dave, they’re old enough to take care of themselves for a few days.) Maybe the family will be at Disney World at Thanksgiving. If so, I can see you then.

Got an e-mail from Bill HAUGEN with a query about dental coverage plans for retirees who don’t receive coverage in their retirement plans. He remembered the AOG looking into this a few years ago but nothing happened. I put this on the Redtag Net and got a reply from Bunky REEVES. He joined the National Officers Assoc and picked up a CIGNA plan for about $90 a quarter for the family plan. The Pentagon Credit Union also has a plan you can join. As a side note, I read an article in the retiree newsletter, The Afterburner, that the AF has to implement a retiree dental plan by October 1st. However, AF said that it will be late by several months because of congressional concerns about the method of charging premiums. Pete ROBINSON said that TROA has one or is working on one right now. Any one have more info?

By the way, Bill sent me a picture of his daughter , Cindy’s, wedding. See it somewhere with this column.

Got a request from Vikki Rhoden (Bill ‘77) who works part time at the AOG. The AOG is putting together a book on class crests. They need all the info you might have on class crests. What do the symbols, words and colors mean? If you have the program from our Ring Dance, the info is in it. She can be reached at AOG fax: 719-333-4194 or e-mail VLRHODEN@JUNO.COM.

John FLANAGAN was at USAFA in August for a Change of Command ceremony and some business. John was impressed with Fogleman’s words at the ceremony. The History Dept selected John’s book for use in History 202. He played the Silver course at USAFA; plenty of sidehill lies. (Translated that means he already has excuses for November.) He played with Mal Wakin who considered our class one of his favorites. Personally, I considered Mal one of my favorite instructors. Thanks, John.

Got a call from Hal KECK, from Goldsboro, NC. The real estate business is doing fine. Hal helped his father-in-law find an old buddy from 55 years ago. They got on the Internet and found him in short order. So Hal used Yahoo to find James Drake, a former Redtag who works for P&G. I told Hal to invite him to the 35th.

Heard from Willie GRAY. He picked up his reunion tickets in June. He also talked to Larry GOOCH, who said he was expecting his first grandchild in Sep, courtesy of daughter, Winnie. Larry is still with Analex in Cleveland. Willie is still with Lockheed Martin in Houston, even though he lives down the streeet from me in Satellite Beach. We’ve got to get together for a dinner and movie soon.

Got a long item from George THOMPSON, from Pskov, Russia. He was back in the states during the summer. He visited family as much as possible. He joined up with Warren ROBBINS in Seattle and was flying with him. They were on short final to Los Alamos NM Airport, elevation 7200 ft, when they got caught by a downdraft. With little remaining power they landed 100 feet short and 50 feet low, right into the trees on the upslope of the canyon. "NOT ideal BUT keep the wings level, the airplane in control and the wheels pointed down and I am here to testify that the cockpit is structurally sound and you can walk away. We did." Rob had a busted left elbow and George had some lacerations and bruises. The FAA and Cessna sent investigators. All indications point to "just one of those things." George has a busy schedule and will not make the 35th. We’ll think of you , fella.

Gail PECK sent me a note from Hawaii. He was on vacation on the Kona Coast of the big island of Hawaii. Daughter, Kayte, was getting married a few days later, so the Pecks were relaxing for a few days. Gail later gave me the initial info on Warren and George’s plane accident. Also, he says he and Tom YOUNG have been e-mailing a lot lately.

And speaking of Tom Young, I escorted Tom and Debbie and their niece to a Shuttle launch at KSC. Great launch of STS-84 on July 1st. If any of you are planning to be in the area during a launch, let me know and I’ll try to get a launch pass.

Colin RICHARDSON has passed the one year mark since surgery and he had another successful scan. No trace of cancer. Atta way to go.

Got several newsletters from Sam DEHNE. He’s been sending his newsletter to the bigwigs in the Air Force to inform them about an incident at the Reno Airport. He’s still crusading against incompetence in government circles in Reno. Keep it up.

Heard from Tom RAUSCH, Al SIGMAN, and Owen HAWKINS. I guess that’s it for now. By the time you read this, the 35th reunion will be history. I’m sure we all had a great time. Have a great holiday season. Keep the e-mails, holiday newsletters and phone calls coming. Go Redtags!