United States Air Force Academy Class of 1962

The original Red Tag Bastards of the U. S. Air Force Academy
None finer, braver or tougher in USAFA’s History

Photo taken 1958, 465 entered, 298 graduated (click 2x to enlarge)

This site is dedicated to the memory of its founder, our friend and classmate, Frederick Owen Hawkins, who brought us together again.

Officers of the Class of 1962 from the United States Air Force Academy served with distinction in the Air Force, Navy, Marines and Army. Most newly commissioned officers went to pilot training upon graduation; however, a select few were chosen for advanced degrees (including 3 Rhodes Scholars) and other non-flying assignments of distinction. Many of our class served with valor in the Vietnam War, and some gave all. The list of our fallen heroes is found in the first link of this page.

The class had a high percentage of graduates who rose to flag rank during their career. Seventeen Redtags became General Officers.

The Class of 1962 has proudly carried the title of Red Tag Bastards since frustrated upperclassman found our class to be unique in spirit, determination and performance. The title “RTBs” has become legendary since spring of 1959, creating a fellowship bond in our class that remains unmatched for over 60 years.


Class of 1962 U.S. Air Force Academy