You can join a mail list by contacting bobf@redtags.us. Then, send email to other classmates by using the mail list without having to know their email addresses or use the “Copy to:” (CC): option in your email program.  Just send your email message to the appropriate mail list and it will automatically be broadcast to all members on that list.


rtbnotify Only important items or announcements of interest to all list members. This is a low traffic mail list and access is through the webmaster (me). Send your message to bobf@redtags.us for approval.

rtbgeneral Any interesting subject (wmv’s, pps’s, photos, etc). No politics. This is intended to be a low to medium traffic mail list. Extended discussions, numerous and/or short replies on this list are discouraged since each incoming RTBG message generates over 50 outgoing messages. Excessive traffic on RTBG can rapidly exceed our monthly allotment at the Hostek server.

rtbdiscussion Reserved for discussion of politics, news, philosophy, Liberal and Conservative comments, sarcasm, any profane BS & other (un)worthy activities. Can be a high message volume mail list at times, but each incoming message generates only 20+ outgoing messages. Not for whiners with thin skins.

TO SUBSCRIBE (JOIN) a list(s):

Send an email to:  bobf at redtags dot us
I’ll subscribe you after a verification question(s) that proves your identity.
TO SEND MESSAGES (after you are subscribed):

1) Send email messages for the rtbnotify list to bobf at redtags dot us for approval & publication. 2) Send  email to rtbgeneral at redtags dot us or rtbdiscussion at redtags dot us as if you were sending a message to an individual.  When your email message is received at the Hostek server, it will be automatically forwarded to all current subscribers of the addressed email list (including yourself).


Use the REPLY option in your email program to send your message to everyone on the mail list in use. You’ll see the TO: field already contains one of the Listname at Redtags dot us email list addresses above.  However, if you want to reply to a specific person or send a private message, then replace the Listname with the person’s email address, or use the FORWARD option in your email program and manually type in that person’s email address in the TO: block.

TO UNSUBSCRIBE automatically:

1) Send a message to the list you want to leave, e.g., send it to  rtbgeneral at redtags dot us or rtbdiscussion at redtags dot us.
2) in the Subject:” line” put the single word “unsubscribe” (w/no quotes)

You’ll receive a confirmation message that you’ve successfully unsubscribed.


To prevent spammers from obtaining the member list illegally, email me at my class restricted email address or access the Contact Redtags link at the left with the class password, and I’ll forward the list or allow you to use the List function.

Any questions, contact me at my class restricted email address or use the Contact Redtags link at the left with the class password.